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ASM Food Waste to Resources

ASM is an innovative and modern Biotechnology company that specialises in Organic Recyclates.

Our business, right from the outset, has been to offer affordable technology for solving escalating organic waste disposal problems, with our focus on cost reduction for our clients and environmental benefits for us all. To do that, we offer a closed loop solution, where nothing is wasted – everything is recycled into a useful form.

This has only been possible with the breakthrough of ASM’s fully patented Accelerated Thermophilic Aerobic Digester (ATAD), with its ability to process mixed organic food and green waste to produce a high nutrient, stable, non-toxic fertiliser pellet in typically three days. We call this revolutionary technology, the 'ecoHERO'.

Clearly then it offers companies that generate or collect organic biodegradeable waste, a less expensive option than sending to landfill, macerating into the waterways, or incineration. All of which generate a carbon footprint at least 80% higher than the solution offered by the 'ecoHERO'. To reinforce our commitment to our belief,
we purchase the fertiliser pellets from all our clients!

ASM is an innovative and modern Biotechnology company that specialises in Organic Recyclates

The 'ecoHERO' also converts organic waste into other useful resources, such as animal feed and raw energy for energy plants or biomass systems.

"ASM offers consultancy services to solve any organic waste problem you may have."

In today’s business environment, no company can afford to waste money - or waste the planet! It’s a fact that waste is an essential part of providing food products and services. By working with the ASM Group you will eliminate sending waste to landfill, waterways or to incineration, while reducing your costs.