About ASM

About the ASM Group

ASM is a UK incorporated environmental Biotech company, located in London. Founded in 2003, ASM’s business focus is the marketing and sales of its patented Accelerated Thermophilic Aerobic Digestion technology (ATAD), which converts organic waste materials into commercially viable commodities such as granular fertiliser, animal feed and pure energy.

The revolutionary breakthrough that characterises ASM’s ATAD process is its ability to convert mixed food and agricultural waste streams into non-toxic, stable fertiliser pellets in a period of approximately 3 days.

Such a capability to convert different organic wastes in such a short timeframe creates unique commercial opportunities. It allows companies and organisations increased efficiency and cost-effectiveness of converting food waste and agriculture wastes into a valuable end product which they can sell or utilise in a further recycling process.

This allows ASM to offer all those generating biodegradeable waste, a cost-effective alternative to landfill disposal and waterways pollution, seriously reducing the carbon footprint of these generators of biodegradeable waste.

The 'ecoHERO' converts organic waste into useful resources,
such as granular fertiliser, animal feed and biomass fuel
for energy plants or biomass systems.

Extensive testing carried out at the Ecosystem Laboratory of the Open University confirms that ASM’s fertiliser recyclates enhance soil fertility, thereby reducing the carbon side effects of chemical fertiliser ASM ecoHERO Fertiliser test resultand pesticides into the environment.