'ecoTHERM' Biomass Boilers

Our 'ecoTHERM' Biomass Boilers are designed to meet renewable energy targets. We offer affordable solutions for homes and commercial properties.

'ecoTHERM' are easy to install and easy to operate. Instead of burning rapidly diminishing fossil fuel, biomass boilers burn wood chip, pellets and briquettes. This produces heat for your central heating and hot water.

For commercial application we extend it for producing electricity.

Combining a biomass boiler with a generator will produce electricity as well as hot water and heat for your building!

Wood waste and other dry organic waste will always be sustainable. We will supply you the biomass to burn in the biomass boiler, thus giving you a complete solution and peace of mind.

Maintenance packages are available so that you do not need to worry about boiler breakdown or servicing.

The ash content is usable for landscaping as it is not environmentally damaging and thus freely disposable by the most appropriate means for your situation.

Examples of where Biomass Boilers are typically used: Supermarkets & Shopping Complexes, Factories, Hospitals, Hotels & Resorts, Large Restaurants & Food Courts, Universities and Residential Colleges, Military Camps, Golf Clubs.

The installation of 'ecoTHERM' in UK is tailored to meet OFGEM requirements for you to claim renewable heat incentives (RHI).

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