'ecoMAN' Pelletising and Briquetting

The process of Briquetting/Pelletising is the physical transformation of the loose raw material into a compactly compressed unit. This change of form results in a much higher specific density of the material which increases its combustion efficiency, as compared to the loose material.

Densification essentially involves two parts:

  • compaction under pressure of loose material to reduce its volume
  • to agglomerate the material so that the product remains in its compressed state

Briquettes are slow burning and have
the characteristics preferred for Boilers,
Ovens, Heat Generators and Gassifiers
for electricity Generation. Pellets are more suitable for domestic boilers and ovens.

The technology

The concept of pelletising is fairly old. Coal dust and other materials have been pelletised for a number of years using binders. However binderless technology has been found to be the most economical and suitable for biomass materials.

Plant & machinery

The plant and machinery required are dependent on the raw material being processed.

A typical Briquetting /Pelletising Plant would consist of the following equipment:

  1. Briquetting/ pelletising press
  2. Storage bin
  3. Material handling equipment
  4. Hammer mill grinder
  5. Hot air generator
  6. Cutter/ chipper
  7. Dryer/ packager
ecoMAN Briquetting/ Pelletizing press