ASM Services

ASM is a highly regarded organisation that has scientifically designed and built its own products from scratch.

We have the experience and expertise
to offer you the most suitable solution
for your organic waste problems and
achieve your waste reduction targets.

And you have the assurance that we stand directly accountable for every product we manufacture.

By using the ASM Group to help achieve your goals, you will receive the best practical and personal support to successfully change to an ecologically sound practice, that will save you between 30% and 90% of your current spend on organic waste disposal.

Fertiliser Collection

We collect fertiliser worldwide. Hence all our services are tailored to your needs and our service is second none.

Organic Waste Collection Service

ASM provides, in partnership with local companies, a food waste collection service.

Our service is dedicated to giving you the right solution at the best price possible.

ecoDRYER for drying digestate and sludge