ZSL London Zoo

"The smooth and easy operation, coupled with total reliability over the entire 6 month period, allows us no hesitation in recommending the ECO-HERO as an extraordinary alternative to conventional waste disposal such as landfill, incineration or macerating into the waterways. ASM’s patented Accelerated Thermophilic Aerobic Digester is, no doubt, a major breakthrough for recycling organic and animal waste into a valuable commodity."

Mr Dave Bassington - Transport and Animal Food Stores Manager


"We were particularly interested to establish how well the process would perform to the promise of good quality nutrient granular fertiliser within four days without adding any enzymes or chemicals. We should like to congratulate you on the results. The analysis showed an excellent quality of stable, non toxic granular fertiliser with a good level of calorific value, produced in four days."

Mr Andy Jacobs - CEO

CH4Power Ltd

"We endorse and recommend the ‘ecoDRYER’ as ‘the’ alternative solution to current methods of digestate disposal. Your solution offers many possibilities for compact and economical food waste processing sites."

Mr Mike Jordan - Development Director

ecoHERO installed at ZSl London Zoo

ecoHERO installed at ZSL London