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Advasol Management Limited (ASM) is a UK incorporated environmental Biotech Company, located in London. Founded in 2003, with our own patented accelerated aerobic thermophilic digester system.


ASM work with number of asset management companies. We can organise competitive lease options. Also invest in long term, cash-generative real asset investments. Whatever the size of your business, we will find a solution for you.


ASM has the experience and expertise to offer you the most suitable and cost-effective solutions. Specialising in transforming organic waste into valuable products. Such as organic rich fertiliser, animal feed meals, renewable energy and bio-fuel.


ASM would be happy to discuss and provide further information. Contact one of our offices to receive a prompt reply.

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Case Study: ecoDRYER, the digestate dryer

The ecoDRYER transforms the liquid digestate into high quality dry granular fertiliser. That is easy to handle, store and spread. The granular fertiliser has slow release property. Unlike most chemical fertiliser it does not wash away when it rains. Instead, continuous application of it helps improve soil health.

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ASM provides complete product packages from design, build, operate, service and maintenance.

ecoHERO aerobic digester

Accelerated thermophilic aerobic digester fertiliser plant

ecoHERO onsite composter

ecoHERO cost effective food waste to fertiliser unit

ecoDRYER digestate dryer

ecoDRYER digestate dryer for producing granular fertiliser

waste water treatment

Municipal food waste and waste water treatment plant