AD plants produce biogas and methane recovery from wet organic waste. large volumes of wet digestate remain and require storage and disposal. ASM's efficient ‘ecoDRYER’ turns wet digestate into a granulated, 90% dry solid, usable as a slow release fertiliser. ASM offers you an immediate return by making savings in storage and sludge transportation and, of course, with fertiliser off-take contract.


Waste disposal is charged by weight and by volume. Our ingenious ‘ecoREDUCER’ minimises the weight of the waste by drying it. Volume is reduced by compression. Expect up to 85% combined reduction with this technology. Significantly the system will take any combination of waste, be it any foods and or packaging together. Even Category 1&2 waste can be safely and economically processed and reduced.


Nowadays, we all have to be focused on reducing costs whilst contributing to our environment. The ‘ecoTHERM’ transforms your organic waste into thermal energy and, in some cases, into electrical energy thus enabling you to become a more sustainable business. As a result you may become eligible for receiving a Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI) for the next 18 years.


Turn your wood, paper and cardboard waste into slow burning briquettes or pellets suitable as a fuel for commercial boilers, ovens, heat generators and gasifiers for electricity generation. The ecoMAN compacts all wood-based loose material under pressure.


This is a new development. Turn your organic waste into road fuel and receive incentives whilst producing renewable fuel. Currently working on developing farm size biomethanol plants. Finance available for qualifying sites. Currently looking for more farms.


We offer you the opportunity and the tools to transform your waste into a commodity

ecoHERO aerobic digester

ecoHERO fertilizer plant

ecoHERO onsite composter

ecoHERO aerobic digester

ecoDRYER digestate dryer

ecoDRYER onsite digestate dryer

ecoREDUCER modern compactor

ecoREDUCER modern compactor