The ecoHERO is based on our patented advanced Accelerated Thermophilic Aerobic Digester (ATAD) used in the waste water industry for many years but relatively new to organic waste recycling.

Volume and weight reduction

Unlike other TAD, our thermophilic digester reduces the volume by 70% and the weight by about 60%.

Compared with conventional in-vessel composting

Many in-vessel composting machines already in the market can only produce primary compost, which is not suitable for applying directly to plants. The primary compost needs further processing to make matured usable compost. Normally the quality of the compost is poor, mainly suitable as soil conditioner. Many of these high rate composting machines require enzymes to speed up the rate of the fermentation process. The cost of these enzymes is normally high.

Versatile technology

The ecoHERO is specially developed to convert food waste directly into organic fertiliser in pellet form or into digested feed meal. The machine can perform 5 functions; blending, accelerated aerobic thermophilic digestion, drying, sanitising and pelletising using rotary drum technology.

The most interesting feature of the machine is it converts food waste into stable organic fertiliser granules in 3 days!

No enzymes or chemicals are required!

The ecoHERO machine is fully automated, except for the feeding and unloading. It is very user friendly.

The quality of the pelleted organic fertiliser produced by the ecoHERO is considered the best on the market. It does not contain live wild seeds. It is easy to use and it has slow releasing properties. To invest in the ecoHERO is to invest in the future.

Our ecoHERO is usable as pre-processing or post-processing to anaerobic digesters, gasification and other emerging technologies. Reducing volume at the source means increasing processing capacity at those facilities.

The ecoHERO is independently usable as a blender, dryer and pasteuriser.

Our advanced aerobic digester reduces CO2 emissions caused by food waste and organic waste by more than 70% compared with the equivalent amount disposed at landfill sites.

Where can ecoHERO be used?

Examples of where the ecoHERO can be used: Supermarkets & Shopping Complexes, Factories, Hospitals, Hotels & Resorts, Large Restaurants & Food courts, Universities and Residential Colleges, Military Camps, Recycling sites, Fishing Industries, Golf Clubs.


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ecoHERO aerobic digester

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